What Makes SimpleCTMS Effective?

So many web-based Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) are available that profess to improve productivity and reduce the cost of managing clinical trials.  So what makes SimpleCTMS the best choice for an effective system?
Revelation Through Evolution
With over 15 years of experience in clinical trial management, we have seen and experienced first hand the most challenging study management scenarios, such as a 15-country collaboration with several niche CROs. At SimpleCTMS, we understand how each CRO has their own process, tracking tools and communication style.  We understand that every country manager may have different requirements and needs, with numerous competing requirements for reporting information.

We have also experienced small, short, domestic trials which were far less complex, yet still lacked useful study management tools.  
SimpleCTMS evolved through simple, intuitive logic that is well understood by all study team members.  We understand the challenges of language differences, and the benefit of having consistent universal study definitions made clear before the first subject is enrolled.  We recognize the need to manage individual safety events according to country-specific Regulatory Agency requirements, and the challenges that safety managers have distributing time-sensitive SUSARs to ever-changing global team member lists.  SimpleCTMS provides appropriate tracking tools and repositories to capture what the study team needs on a daily basis. Through our extensive experience in clinical trial management, SimpleCTMS bridges experience with design, assuring critical path success to managing your global clinical studies. 

Sponsors and CROs -  We’ve heard you!

With SimpleCTMS, we created an intuitive, easy to use system which collects critical yet basic information for study planning, execution and tracking activities across multiple global or domestic studies. An effective CTMS requires tools and functionality that help you collaborate with and oversee external teams, define efficient workflow processes, plan for sufficient internal team resources, carefully oversee critical path items, provide well-organized and accessible study information, and yield responsible fiscal management.
The effective answer is SimpleCTMS.  The result of using an effective CTMS is a well-tuned study, cohesive team, and nothing but positive, well organized information. SimpleCTMS is built to meet the needs of Sponsors, Project Managers, and CROs who are involved with managing clinical trials.
Key stakeholders need to know who is responsible for key tasks, who they manage and how well they are performing.  SimpleCTMS tracks roles and responsibilities, such as outsourcing, team members, vendors and investigators and other site personnel.  It provides timely and accurate status reporting on site management activities.  SimpleCTMS functionality includes flexible, integrated modules for screening and enrollment tracking.  Integrating SimpleCTMS builds responsible team members, who take ownership of site management activities.  With SimpleCTMS, you get standardized reports with key metrics that make sense. Reduce operating costs through minimizing data entry errors and redundancy.

When study management requirements are lighter, SimpleCTMS adapts to your needs.  With a few clicks, modules that are not in use can be hidden, thus further streamlining your CTMS view and allowing you to better focus. 

Open Door Policy - An Open Platform to Maximize Collaboration and Efficiency

Open systems encourage team collaboration by design.  They encourage users to take ownership of information and feel empowered to become an integral part of the process.  Open systems empower people to participate in the functional area they know best, with less time spent performing data entry.  Closed systems rely on fewer people to do the majority of the data entry, with less transparency and less accountability. SimpleCTMS is designed to minimize data entry, minimize redundancy, and provide a level of data standardization.  It encourages the sharing of information by all involved departments by including the key data in one consistent, easy to use system.

SimpleCTMS – An Effective CTMS Solution

It is possible for a web-based CTMS to become a critical component in managing your clinical studies. With so many options available, the key to choosing the right CTMS involves finding a system that is easy to use and understand, while including all of the functionality needed to be an effective time management solution. A system that is flexible, scalable, and offers a high degree of customization is needed. With a low cost to integrate and a high return in investment, choosing SimpleCTMS to manage your clinical studies gets you all of this. SimpleCTMS will streamline your day-to-day clinical trial activities and enable the individuals on your project team to focus on their areas of expertise.