Improving Study Communications with a Web-Based CTMS

I recently came across an article that discussed the spiraling costs of clinical trials in the drug development process and wasn’t surprised to see that as the complexity of studies and their requirements increase, so do the associated costs of executing these studies. Reasons like these point to a need to have better and more efficient integrated tools available to manage clinical trials. Having something get “lost in translation” is no excuse in times when technology can work to improve the communications between all stakeholders and result in better, more efficient and cost effective study management.

Managing expectations is one of the greatest challenges facing a Sponsor looking to partner with external vendors and CROs for study management activities. Managing communications can go a long way towards managing expectations, proper study resourcing, and keeping study budgets in check.

Real Time Reporting

The basic value of a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) is derived from tracking and reporting metrics. A web-based CTMS offers the benefit of real-time reporting, not afforded with individually maintained paper-based tracking tools. With a web-based CTMS, CROs and Sponsors can collaborate effectively within one system with integrated information. Sponsors and CROs don’t have to manipulate prior tracking tools and perform tedious consistency checks to meet end reporting needs for upper management. Web-based CTMS solutions offer powerful reporting and tracking tools that are easy to access, learn and use, integrating familiar web-based elements with a modern look and feel. Many web-based CTMS solutions also offer a level of customization not available or affordable through other CTMS options.

Improving Communications Through Improved Access and Relevance

A web-based solution like SimpleCTMS gives access to all team members, not just the host or the Sponsor. Such products give access to the data that is really relevant to the study management, without requiring data overload and redundancy. Team members shouldn’t have to settle for information reported in a manner that is ineffective to them nor should they expend excessive effort re-creating or duplicating information in tracking tools. With a good web-based CTMS, teams will find that communication tools such as email will serve to complement tasks that are more efficiently managed in an integrated CTMS product.

Better Communications Means Better Understanding

Why not use a CTMS to facilitate communications as study planning activities are occurring? Some benefits may include improving internal processes, verification of assumptions and planning for shared tasks across departments and vendors, and quickly getting new team members up to speed. Each of these items are matters of communication between various stakeholders which can be easily facilitated through easily accessible and integrated reporting tools available through a web-based CTMS.

Improved Communications Results in Improved Studies

Good communication starts before a project team is built. With a web-based CTMS product in place, Sponsors or CROs can identify the shared expectations for study reporting even before a project is awarded and resources identified. CROs and Sponsors can effectively collaborate and share ownership as the study activities evolve without having to revise or recreate tracking tools. Information can be imported to reduce duplication of effort. By using a shared and fully accessible CTMS product that captures all the critical information, team members will find that they are able to quickly and efficiently focus on their functional study tasks.

Web-based CTMS solutions offer the reporting tools needed to effectively manage the process through the study life cycle. Solutions like SimpleCTMS have been designed by professionals with years of experience in the study management tasks from start to finish. The process is integrated into the design, taking the guesswork out of the requirements needed for reporting purposes.

Web-based CTMS solutions such as SimpleCTMS now give sponsors and CROs a cost effective option for improving and standardizing communications as part of an integrated study management program.