Small CRO – signed and fully trained in about 2 weeks!

Spotlight on Client Success

In this new blog series, we explore how our diverse client base uses SimpleCTMS to meet their needs with ease.

A busy Clinical Research Organization (CRO) reached out to inquire about SimpleCTMS at the end of 2011.  They were looking to streamline their day-to-day study management tasks, as well as differentiate their CRO by offering CTMS-generated dashboards and reports.  After a trial run, they reached the conclusion that a simple yet full featured CTMS solution would facilitate both objectives.  We were delighted to help.

In short, it was a total of 12 business days from the time the agreement was signed until the extended team was trained and utilizing SimpleCTMS for 3 unique sponsors and 4 studies. We were happy to guide and support this client as they rapidly adopted the system.  This is the type of collaborative engagement we value tremendously in our client base. Such strong partnerships also serve to remind us of our vision when we created SimpleCTMS a few years back—a system that truly helps the study management team, giving them the tools and information to succeed.

To put things in perspective, the CRO recognized the competitive landscape and how a CTMS could help them “shine” in the bidding process. They understood how the technology landscape continues to evolve as do their client needs. They recognized that web-based solutions for on-the-go team members would be a welcome addition. Most importantly, they understood that having both a short term and long term solution would enable their busy project team to manage each client with the personal attention they deserve while enabling the long term company infrastructure improvements.

The rewards this CRO experienced with SimpleCTMS were immediate. To name a few:

  • Within a few days of training, they had expanded the user base and were actively managing studies in all phases.
  • Studies in start-up were benefiting from integrated tracking features such as detailed regulatory document tracking, regulatory document warehousing and detailed reports.
  • Standard yet flexible document repositories were quickly organized to meet TMF naming conventions and organizational structures.
  • Subject screening efforts were consistently evaluated for progress and trends.
  • Visit date projections were easily defined and displayed for enrolled subjects to facilitate necessary data monitoring, site visit scheduling and resource allocation activities.
  • Definitions were copied across to multiple studies for tracking consistencies.

Most importantly, the intuitive layout of SimpleCTMS enabled team members to quickly locate what they needed, share and manage content with ease, and do so in the framework of their familiar team structure. What sponsor wouldn’t want to see an efficient and organized CRO team?

So, for those of you CROs that want to put your best foot forward, what are you waiting for? We are here to help!