Imaging Services Sector – Detailed Tracking the Way They Need it!

Recently we were engaged by a clinical imaging services company who was looking for an eClinical solution to help streamline their unique blend of study management tasks.  From our initial conversations with this client, we knew we could help. Their team was extensively process driven while providing top-notch quality to each of their clients. Manual worksheet-based tracking tools had reached their limits. Each project team tracked information slightly different without taking the time to update templates consistently. File sharing restrictions made it a burden to organize and trend metrics efficiently. Team members were spending too much time manipulating tracking information instead of reporting data results.

The needs, goals and expectations of this client were clear:

  • SimpleCTMS would be utilized to meet the existing workflow processes across large teams, yet flexible enough to manage study-specific nuances.
  • SimpleCTMS would expand the current tracking capabilities, integrate with various external data sources, and provide the team with a powerful yet streamlined solution.
  • SimpleCTMS would enable team members to efficiently track and trend content while providing immediate data visibility throughout the data workflows.

 The rewards this Imaging Services client experienced with SimpleCTMS were immediate. To name a few:

  • Subject visit schedules were easily created to identify incoming cases for processing, oversee team resources and manage subject data review work flow.
  • Flexible data fields were easily created and configured to enable consistent tracking of key dates and status updates.
  • Processing bottlenecks and items needing attention were identified quickly with standard sorting and filtering buttons
  • Site evaluation and startup activities of imaging centers were made easier with standard document tracking, posting and shared repository features
  • Site contacts were quickly and easily imported into the contact database for easy identification of primary contacts and supportive site staff
  • Study, country, and site milestones were quickly defined and immediately tracked
  • Study templates were created for a consistent approach to tracking across multiple sponsors.

Most importantly, the above activities were accomplished quickly and easily with the exact customer needs in mind. Here’s another example of how the use of SimpleCTMS can immediately benefit your busy team with ease…all without breaking the bank!

If these success cases strike a chord with you, we would be happy to schedule a demo and further discuss how SimpleCTMS can help you.