How You Really Can Afford a CTMS Solution in 2013!

As 2012 winds down, we are keenly aware that the planning for 2013 studies is very much underway. Whether the New Year entails kicking off fast-paced programs, working with new indications or Sponsors, or simply evaluating progress of current studies, we are confident that our easy-to-use CTMS solution can help you reach your goals in the coming year.

We remain true to our mission of making information sharing easier, study management more streamlined, and providing a flexible and affordable tool to benefit study teams of all shapes and sizes.

Not quite convinced?  Here are some things to keep in mind:

Are your teams too busy to even consider another solution?

Consider the amount of time team members invest retooling or reconciling trackers, searching for files, passing documents across email, and massaging data into 23 different formats for each user preference. With SimpleCTMS, we help you set up a standardized study environment, create templates for all studies and address all the nuances in between.

Is the setup and ease-of-use of the product critical to the adoption and success of the solution?

We suspect it is. We recognize that teams come in all shapes and sizes and are often too busy to learn new technology in their spare time or attend tedious training sessions. This was a big factor in the design and layout of SimpleCTMS and has driven the way we conduct our individualized training for team members. Just ask our clients!

Do your studies have nuances that become major hurdles when not properly managed?

We recognize that team members often need to add a column here, update a field there and revise the terminology or the picklist choices for tracking data. With SimpleCTMS, all of these items are easily managed. Set them for your individual preferences or create a template for all users. Better yet, use a template for all studies you manage for consistent data tracking and trending.

Is cost a big hurdle?

Consider the cost of not having clear, consistent and available information in common data formats. Consider that time is money and using tracking features with out-of-the-box logic represents time saved for every individual team member. Consider that having integrated data and contacts (e.g. investigator database) keeps teams current and provides upper management with powerful, integrated dashboard visualizations. Consider how much time you will have left over to effectively manage your studies if standard reports give you what you need with the push of a button. Consider a cost effective SaaS-based solution for teams of all sizes.

Are there too many different systems and vendors to justify a CTMS solution?

We disagree strongly. It’s easy to integrate subject enrollment records from different EDC solutions and manage payments consistently within SimpleCTMS. Why not consider having a CRA Lounge where tools and trackers can be shared to benefit all? Why not have one CRA calendar for all studies so you can plan your resources across programs? Why not allow vendors to manage the aspects you outsourced to them AND have the information in a secure environment for you to access?  Why not utilize electronic visit reports across all your studies and vendors to facilitate data trending, review workflows and real-time information?

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