Critical Tasks of Site Monitors: Using a CTMS to Improve Efficiency

Industry research has indicated that 89% of Sponsors or CROs that manage clinical trials provide clinical research associates (CRAs) and team members with access to a CTMS or other tracking systems. The majority of them combine monitoring tools with a CTMS to achieve greater site monitoring and process efficiency.

Today's trial sites are accepting more diverse studies, constrained by tighter budgets, and under more regulatory compliance scrutiny than ever. As sites track larger amounts of clinical data for their internal monitoring and reporting, clinical teams need flexible tracking tools that give them focused metrics and better validation over their data than paper or spreadsheets can provide. At the same time, they need a system that is easy to use and doesn't take a lot of time or resources away from the monitoring of clinical research sites.

A web-based CTMS such as SimpleCTMS helps CRAs and support staff:

  • View the status of one or more clinical trials
  • Access subject data and associated tracking records
  • Identify outstanding issues
  • Make informed decisions about requirements for site visits.

Providing CRAs with access to the cross-study and cross-site data available within a web-based CTMS is vital and a key part of site management. There is growing recognition across the industry that when CRAs use a CTMS, they are more efficient in site monitoring and management activities.