When Less is More - How Investing in a web-based CTMS is Addition by Subtraction

Clinical trial management can be one of the most expensive and unpredictable areas of drug development. Faced with a variety of time constraints, study managers and CROs are challenged by effectively managing their studies with a sense of urgency, without compromising the integrity of the data collected for the study. Poor data collection methods, data entry error, and other costly mistakes could set the study back indefinitely and cost potentially millions of dollars.

Addition by Subtraction

Removing the constraints faced by study managers and CROs can be facilitated through effective study management, and new web-based Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) can facilitate better, more efficient and productive study management. The less time drug and medical device candidates spend in clinical trials, the faster they move forward through the development pipeline. The faster they move through the pipeline, the less money is spent bringing a drug or medical device product to commercial market. All of these reductions, in both time and money, result in a better managed, more effective and efficient study. They result in less cost and ultimately, a better ROI.

Less Time to Integrate = More Productivity

With a web-based Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), the initial, up-front costs to integrate are significantly reduced or eliminated. Affordable subscription rates per user replace the prohibitively expensive licensed enterprise installation.

Less Barriers to Use = More Buy-In by Users

Web-based CTMS offer global access with the highest degree of security. The automated tools and functionality afforded by a web-based CTMS will reduce the amount of time that clinical trial personnel are required to perform repetitive, and often redundant manual data entry. Better automated processes will also reduce the amount of manual error seen with paper-based systems.