Reflections from DIA 2011

As we wrapped up our first DIA meeting with SimpleCTMS on the exhibit floor, we have taken a step back and thought about what an invaluable experience we had. We met with current customers and their family members, and were inspired by their enthusiastic support of SimpleCTMS.  It was great to see you all and thank you again for your continued support. We met with like-minded entrepreneurs who truly understand the industry needs and are looking for ways to level the playing field for life sciences companies of all shapes and sizes.  It was great to see and hear how you too are making strides in sensible ways as technology continues to evolve, and how we can work together to provide powerful eClinical suites.

We remain encouraged by the clinical professionals that stopped by our booth, many of whom are swamped with manual trackers, looking for a simple yet effective alternative.  We are delighted that you found us and shared your needs for study management from startup planning to study closeout and all trackers in between. Your examples and needs strike a chord with us and strengthen our commitment to providing you with a comprehensive yet easily customizable solution to meet your needs.

There was one comment from a visitor that we found especially pertinent… watching the big players at DIA year after year, although the booths get larger, the hired entertainers get louder and the parties glitzier, behind the curtains, the products and services stay the same… expensive, slow and inflexible.  He was glad to see the new generation of products and services breaking that mold.