Looking Out For the Little Guys

Even the largest, most famous companies started out small, and in the life sciences, navigating drug candidates or devices through the complex path to commercialization is a shaky, uncertain proposition. Managing internal resources through the research and drug discovery stage is of vital importance to the small, emerging drug developer. Given very limited resources, how can small to mid sized drug developers gain traction and improve their time and financial management to best utilize these resources?

Improving Project Management Through Web-Based CTMS

The complex internal processes associated with drug development that lead through the necessary clinical trials and regulatory compliance requirements can be best managed through a clinical trial management system (CTMS). Historically, these types of management systems were prohibitively expensive, often required high upfront, start up costs with hardware integration, and were difficult to integrate because they were difficult to learn.

Technology has solved this problem with the web-based CTMS. Rather than bear the burden of a costly enterprise, licensed system, prospective users can now “subscribe” with low flexible, monthly rates. There is no large upfront cost, as the software is managed and hosted offsite, at a secure location that meets FDA security restrictions. 

The benefit to the early stage drug developer is a very low cost to integration, access to the benefits of a CTMS, and a system that is easy to use and train, as it utilizes many commonly used, web-based dashboards and toolbars.  
A Little Savings Can Go a Long Way

Many early stage drug developers utilize paper-based systems, web-based spreadsheets like Excel, or perhaps a combination of both. Often times, this is done to save money, but it’s also hard to break old habits and teach people a new system to use. Moving towards a paperless system, which utilizes web-based user interfaces that are familiar to people, can speed the adaptation process by making data entry easier, and freeing people up to work on their important project work. Automating and standardizing this data entry process will result in faster data entry, fewer errors, and significant cost savings.

Your CTMS Can Grow With You

Investing in a web-based CTMS like SimpleCTMS is an investment in your infrastructure, and given a low cost to integrate, a quick learning curve to train and adapt, it offers a flexible, scalable project management solution to early stage drug developers looking to improve their internal efficiencies.