Five Ways a CTMS Can Help You

Are you incredibly busy with study startup activities, under resourced, and spending too much time sifting through emails and trackers? If so, SimpleCTMS was built for you! Here’s how we can help.

  1. Comprehensive study management is at your fingertips. Sure, you may not want or need all the tools in the kit right now, but when you do, our system is already set up for you to use. Information is presented in integrated “modules” for as needed use. No need to create more trackers, SimpleCTMS has you covered! For example, wouldn’t it be great to be able to plan and track regulatory agency submissions in parallel with clinical supply startup efforts to quickly identify dependencies, risks and refine the timelines? Wouldn’t it be nice to no longer maintain email distribution lists for IND Safety Reports, weekly status reports, and forms but instead securely upload and track the items for team members notification and access?
  2. Outline expectations from the start. SimpleCTMS is a roles-based system built from years of experience with global teams across many study phases and disease indications. Our system builds upon the standard team member roles and tasks without duplicating efforts or causing extensive data entry. We recognize the dependencies and challenges inherent to each team member role. Most importantly, we recognize that a well-thought out system can actually empower team members. With roles-based system access and upkeep, users will quickly make an impact and managers will identify areas for improvement.
  3. Minimize (or eliminate) busy work! SimpleCTMS is flexible and intuitive – this makes navigation for new users so easy that you can delegate efficiently and spend your time wisely. With built in tracking tools and reports, team members no longer spend time reformatting email attachments or updating weekly status reports. Information captured and maintained in SimpleCTMS can be directly exported to standard report formats and external data items can be integrated with SimpleCTMS. Built in status picklists, standard date formats and CRA-site assignments are just a few ways we ensure data is consistently captured. Document repositories throughout the system have a built in yet modifiable structure to promote a “self service” model.  
  4. Empower and retain your teams. By using a system that is accessible to internal and external team members, everyone can see and appreciate the full scope of the study. Each individual plays an important role in the success of the project and no one person is tasked with rote data entry or system maintenance. Duplication of effort is minimized, allowing for more focus on the task(s) each person was hired to perform. Busy self-reliant team members have exactly what they need when they need it!
  5. Maintain responsible fiscal oversight. SimpleCTMS has the built-in framework to make it easy for you to identify risks, roadblocks, timeline shifts and resourcing concerns. We allow you the ability to keep close tabs on your resources, investigator and hospital contracts, vendor contracts and monthly expenses. With SimpleCTMS, you have the ability to keep up with the ever changing needs of a study and the implicit budget implications.

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