SimpleCTMS Training Videos

1. Getting Started - General Overview

5 min,  33 seconds - This high level overview includes entering into the system, general structure of the program, support features, and general functionality.

2. Updates to the General Overview

4 min, 30 seconds - This video is an update to the getting started video, displaying additional high level features and features which may have been updated in recent releases.


3. Creating a Study in SimpleCTMS

7 min, 59 seconds - This video walks the user through creating a study, essential fields to enter, creating a study based on another study, and copying repository structures after study is created.


4.    Creating team rosters and activating user accounts

21 min, 18 seconds - This video shows the user how to add team members, choose team member roles, view access, and role based edit access, create a user account to access SimpleCTMS, and how to manage team member details.


5. Defining protocol visit structure and managing subjects and visit details

35 min, 25 seconds - Video displays how to enter a protocol schedule, add subjects into screening and enrollment tabs, use of visit details tab to track visits and enter unscheduled visits. Relationship with integration is reviewed.


6.    Regulatory document management in SimpleCTMS

Viewers will learn how to set up a study to track site essential documents and manage those documents within the SimpleCTMS system. Includes some overview of document functions such as uploading, archiving, and tracking of documents and defining the list of required documents for a given study.


7.    Using folders and document structures in SimpleCTMS

18 min, 22 seconds - This video displays the general features and functions of the folders and document repositories within SimpleCTMS. Includes an overview of adding/modifying folders, exporting and copying structures, document management, and specific features of the document repositories available within the system.

8.    Entering site contracts and budgets into the SimpleCTMS system

15 min, 51 seconds - This video walks the user through entering the details of a site budget into the system in preparation for invoicing functions. The video includes instruction on how to enter fixed or pass through fees, subject fees, overhead, and screen failure payments.

9.    Generating site payments in SimpleCTMS

22 min, 42 seconds - Video covers how to manage and track payable items within the SimpleCTMS system. The tutorial will cover marking payment status, generating and posting invoices in the system, and a review of how EDC integration works within the payments area.


10.    Features of the SuperUser account

14 min, 13 seconds - This video reviews the SuperUser access, how the account should be used, what a SuperUser can see in the system, specialized functions, and how this role is different from other roles.