Are You Being Priced Out of CTMS Options Because of Your Size?

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Flexible, secure, affordable, study management tools for all!

At Trial By Fire Solutions, we believe every life science organization, regardless of size, should have easy access to flexible, integrated, cost effective solutions to help them optimize their clinical studies. As the developer of SimpleCTMS, we’ve created a web-based clinical trial management system that combines study planning and tracking tools and real time reporting capabilities that will help your team to efficiently manage the full development cycle.

Integrated eClinical Systems are within your reach!

By integrating with other eClinical solutions such as IWRS and EDC, internal teams and outsourced vendors have immediate data visibility for detailed and robust planning activities without duplicate data entry.

As technology creates new opportunities for early stage life science companies, web-based CTMS offers robust solutions for optimizing your studies and expediting your trial times. SimpleCTMS combines the latest web technology, secure cloud hosting, flexible subscription based pricing and a customer support team that is unparalleled.

See why companies of all sizes are breathing a sigh of relief to learn of a solution made with their needs in mind.

Want to learn more? Join us at our next webinar!

Please join us as Nancy Cecchettini, Co-founder of Trial by Fire Solutions and Chief Product Officer will give an overview and short demo of SimpleCTMS. She will be available to take your questions as well. Find out more about how a web-based CTMS can improve efficiencies, reduce clinical costs, and expedite trial times.

You will learn how SimpleCTMS:

  • Uses up to date web-technology, familiar tracking tools, and document repositories - yet makes them better

  • Provides comprehensive content for studies, programs and portfolios - with a logical information flow

  • Is designed for ease of navigation - so you can find what you need

  • Uses dashboards, visualizations and reports - to help provide data visibility for upper management

  • Promotes internal and external collaboration - while working with (not against) established workflows, vendors, and other e-clinical solutions

  • Enables teams of all sizes to manage content when they need it, as they need it - without excessive training
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