Bay Area CRO selects the SimpleCTMS Pilot Program to streamline the clinical trial management process

Trial By Fire Solutions has entered into an agreement with a Bay Area CRO who will be participating in the SimpleCTMS Pilot Program. The SimpleCTMS team is very excited and encouraged about this collaboration -- a perfect match for the immediate CRO needs and the SimpleCTMS Pilot Program launch. We are confident that once our product is in the hands of the team users, they will quickly find it’s utility to be very beneficial. We’ll keep you posted as the collaboration continues. For now, we expect that the CRO will find that SimpleCTMS quickly serves to complement their established internal procedures and enables the study team to manage all clinical tasks with increased efficiency.

Many of you have asked us about the terms of the Pilot Program. In a nutshell, this program is open to new customers until roughly the end of this year. It provides customers big and small with the opportunity to get in on a great deal while the product features and enhancements are being fortified. Our goal is to make our CTMS product available to customers who are not yet ready to make the plunge due to financial concerns, concerns about team member adoption, perceived hiccups in well established procedures, poor timing, or any number of other reasons. Since we built our system to help you, we also are committed to obtaining your feedback as we continue to develop the product. We hope you take the chance to see it yourself and find how it can potentially help you and your teams. Also, for those of you fortunate enough to participate in the Pilot Program, discounts will apply for future engagements with the general release of SimpleCTMS coming later this year. Please see our website or contact us directly for more details!